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Being a Cruise Specialist and a mother of two small children gives me the opportunity to review ships with kids in mind.Go to Cruise Lines and pick your line. From there click on the page for the specific ship and you will see all the photos and information for the specific ships reviewed.

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Cruising with Babies and Toddlers


Have you decided to take a cruise with your young children? Wondering whether or not it's worth it? Are people telling you to just wait until they are older? Todays ships are loaded with activities for children of all ages.

We are reviewing ships with a baby and toddler perspective including children's menus, kid's club activities and schedules, sleeping and bathing arrangements, kiddie pools, restaurant menu's and ship daily's.

Who said cruising with kids was impossible?

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Just Imagine....

Cruises can take you and your children almost anywhere. Go beyond text books - fill their minds with the rich history of Europe or simply spend the day building sand castles in the Caribbean. Think of the family fun you can have snorkeling with sting rays or swimming with dolphins. No family vacation puts the quality in “quality time” like a cruise vacation.

Want to Cruise from Your Area?

Not interested in flying to your next cruise port? Try homeport cruising! A homeport is the destination in which a cruise ship is predominantly based, and the ship usually runs the same itinerary during its stay at the homeport.

The concept of homeport cruising is easy, drive to the port of call nearest you, and sail on whatever ship and itinerary is housed at that homeport. Escaping on a homeport cruise can, not only save you money, but also eliminate all the additional hassles of flying and with children!